Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm featured in Philosophy After Dark!


I’m infatuated with this relatively new journal, run by its discerning and meritorious editor, Max Sipowicz. The poetry is engaging and, true to the spirit of the zine, whirls you down conceptual as well as emotional water slides.

I want to underscore, though, that there is nothing dull, humdrum or anally academic about this site. It is fresh and quirky in a playful-surreal kind of way, not afraid, for instance, to include in its roster an occasional “Historical Fact of the Week,” brought to you by Daniel Vancea. Not afraid to ask raw questions like, What is philosophy?, and provide links to idea-edged commentary. Not afraid to casually remark that a certain perspective in the Paris Review is pretty darn worthwhile, and send you off on a more-than-memorable sojourn of the mind.

I’m extremely honored than my quasi-existential poem, “Value Less” is currently featured. The speaker in the poem is anguished at the level of awful, enigmatic yet essential questions. Here is a teaser line:

she had sealed off wounds
even Equuleus could not soothe.

Go to the site for the whole thing. Even better, write to Editor Sipowicz to thank him for all the hard work he is surely putting in. Editors rarely if ever get unsolicited praise, and they deserve it more than most any single poet. This editor, I feel, is particularly worthy.

Also, think about submitting to Philosophy After Dark. And if you are a woman, please think even more about sending something in (all the recent authors are men). This young journal deserves to soar and garner all kinds of fans and ferment. Dare to reveal your deep-seated questions--or just comment on others’--and you will find a place here, one that welcomes you to haunt and screech.



Here are the recent poems offered at Philosophy After Dark :

Pavane at Twilight by Robert Gross

Four Metaphysical Errors by Askold Skalsky

1930 by Frederick Pollack

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