Saturday, March 16, 2013

Acceptance: Viral Cat


Viral Cat has released its latest issue (Spring 2013), which includes my poems "Cassandra Reflects" and "Nameless Wife On the Flood." I love this zine. Of all the zines I know it most effectively combines modalities: poems, films, painting, illustration, media, mixed media and screenplay excerpts. I kid you not. All these forms are in the vcat, intermixed into a mind-whirling stream of idea, symbol, sound and art. This zine follows passion with agile metamorphosis through many rabbit- and wormholes!

Both of my poems are in my prophetic voice and appropriately society-stinging.

The editor prefers anonymity on the site, so I will offer that person phantom yet heartfelt kudos. Thank you for being!

Fly Well In the Dark,


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