Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why March To the Despicable Drum?

Think about it. Seriously.

We can do this. We don't have to be helpless hostages to the great numb greed-driven lack-of-democracy that infects this Empire. Nor must our names be added to those who ignored the huge horror of the wars and miseries that the Empire's rapacious Machiavellian grasp inflicts on peoples all over the world, and also here, in our very core.


  1. They go to war, they get pumped up on crystal meth or whatever the drug of the day happens to be, then they do some war stuff, and then they come home. From then on, for many, it's all downhill. More US servicemen took their own lives than got killed by the enemy in Iraq. It's when they get back the real war starts for these people. It's the war to reclaim their soul.

  2. It is like selling your soul. This world is full of opportunities that reach out to take you down. The "war stuff" could be expanded into a book of dooms.

  3. I have just read a news report on TV Channel which said that 2,141 Americans have been killed by guns in the USA since the horrific Elementary School shootings of 3 months ago; the latest high profile case being the triple shooting in Las Vegas. If Uncle Sam who trusts in God is the world's shining example we are as you say doomed.