Friday, February 1, 2013

Poem: Mingler


Pirene's Fountain is not ceasing publication as stated below but will be merging with the new Glass Lyre Press in 2014. Yay! The Fountain will be open for submissions in September this year, and after that will become an annual.


This was originally published in Pirene's Fountain, a wonderful journal soon to be no more. I believe this month, February, is the last chance to ever submit again, before they publish their last issue and close.

Sad, but I'm sure they deserve a rest.

Fly Well In the Dark,




a head bobs as if
the heart below
had hooked a fish,
something eely, old and trying.
the rubbery neck
has battled too long,
stuck on poor policy.
can't summon up
youthful premises.

the face a skin cream
that would never sell.
all its penchants
hawkable as one
generic wrap:
a tripe of urges,
spooled sterile
and restrained.

whatever struggles
under the vertebrae
is too dangerous
and alien to ever see.
it can't surface
and the eyes won't go down.
every movement,
from toe to hairline,
feeds the tension.


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