Sunday, February 10, 2013

Release: Lingerpost Issue 5

Lingerpost Issue 5 is available, including my poem, “Desert Cliff Prayer.” The poem actually is a kind of prayer, anguished and surreal, spoken in delirium. When writing it, going into an altered state, I had hoped for dream-honesty to seep into and undermine the blase of the conscious.

One great feature of Lingerpost 5 is The Letter From the Editor by Kara Dorris. She discusses Louise Gluck’s idea of the poet as helpless, the poet as in torment, the poet as obstinate, desperate, yearning to express what lurks and teases below the veil of the surface. The poet always wants more time to write, but not having it, or not daring to have it, lives with anticipation that can break into creative tempests. These, in turn, can be failure-ridden or, perhaps, sublime.

You’ll want to read this editorial missive for sure! And also the many intense poems afterward. Soul-wrung stuff. Anti-conformity incense.

Dorris has done it!


PS: To access the issue, try here, and click on the cover:

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