Monday, February 18, 2013

My Poem Featured at Bolts of Silk

My poem "Birdwatchers" is the current entry at Bolts of Silk, a fabulous journal run by one of my favorite editors, Juliet Wilson. Here is the link:


Editor Wilson informed me that the publishing of the poem coincides with some birdwatching classes she is starting up. Read more about her love of nature, her environmentalism, and her other activities at her blog:

At this point, twenty-one of my poems are available at Bolts of Silk, a whole chapbook's worth. It only takes one click to access them.

Best To All--And Thanks, Juliet!



  1. thanks for the link, Chris. I'm always delighted to publish your poetry on Bolts of Silk.

  2. Thank you. The honor is always utterly mine.