Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Release: Offcourse #49


Offcourse, that outstanding and long-standing journal of literary might, run by an emeritus math professor turned metaphysical sage and mind-bending writer, and also his trusty and fastidious companion "isabel," has released its fabulous forty-ninth.

Don't miss out!

Included are three of my poems, and somewhere in one of them is my favorite word, "fainéant." Well, not my absolute favorite, but one of the best words, because I wish it applied to me.

But no. And yet, yes, go visit this journal. Another plus is the fine social commentary, the sort that keeps the UFO's from thinking humanity is nothing but idiocy, a planetary infection of cerebral sludge.

To see my original review, go here:

Mysterious Genius

To see my musings on the illuminati-like encryptions in the title page of this mysterious journal, here:

The power of parentheses and sly graphics

Happiness to all, bonzai blessings, kum-ba-ya, and all that,


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