Thursday, May 10, 2012

Acceptance: Offcourse: A Literary Journey

Three of my favorite creations--near the top of my list of “poems to submit”--were picked up by Ricardo Nirenberg, editor of Offcourse. This is one of my top ten favorite zines on the web, and if you want to know why, my review is below. The short version is that Nirenberg is a genius whose brilliance spring-boarded out of the realm of mathematics to encompass ethos, pathos and psyche in the realm of the literary:

Owl Reviews Offcourse

Here is something important that I have never emphasized before: The real name of this journal is something like:


At least, that’s how the editor spells it out. However, the home page has, as a header, the words Off Course, or so it seems, with the second “f” falling downward, leaving an empty f frame where it stood. In this strange picture, the falling (or fallen?) “f” seems to hook onto the word “course,” bringing the two words into connectivity. In short, the true title of this journal is mysterious, and the meaning cloaked in possibilities. The titular form is vaguely mathematical, perhaps, but most surely steeped in the semantic.

As far as I know, I am the only one to discourse on this strange aspect of Of(f)course, and to ponder the deeper meaning. Of course, there may be no deeper meaning intended in Of(f)Course. Who can say?

It’s been years since I’ve been in this journal and I am so so happy to be included again. This kind of keeps me going. And recently I was in Barnwood, another of my most beloved venues. Yay!

So many rejections, so fleeting and infrequent the pills of bliss. But they are potent!



Poems Accepted

Housing Bubble


Only Sunlight

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