Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Poem Featured at Danse Macabre du Jour!!!

Yes, Yes ... YES!!! My universe has curved around to an exceptionally strange synchronicity.

A poem I workshopped at poetrycoop.com -- in a four-week intensive led by Black-eyed Susan , a brilliant writer and artiste, not to mention a Madam at the Chicago Poetry Brothel -- has come to be featured by that devilish rapscallion and maestro of darkness, Adam Henry Carrière. He featured it on Danse Macabre du Jour, a blog associated with that scary yet scintillant literary journal of his own nefarious design Danse Macabre.

The poem is “MDE” and you can find it featured here:

MDE does the ergot waltz

To learn more about the Chicago Poetry Brothel and its Poetry Whores, including Black-eyed Susan, go here:

Bordello of sibilant eloquent sirenity

To read my poems in issue 58 “Skin” of Danse Macabre, go here (warning: nudity, skulls, flogging):


(note the poems in 58 are titled "Maenad in Mojave" and "Toothbrush")

Black-eyed Susan is intimately affiliated with the brilliant and masterful journal Arsenic Lobster. Wouldn’t it be superlative if Arsenic Lobster and Danse Macabre somehow united for brief tryst? This is all pure speculation on my part, and highly unlikely. Even if they did come together, the powerful energies would be unstable and likely to cause some kind of devastating cerebral explosion in the audience.

But because my “MDE” has touched both worlds, I can say, at least theoretically and ethereally: "Monsieur Carrière, my pleasure to introduce Black-eyed Susan!"

Owl (aka Mr. Much Ado About Nothing)

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  1. That's some very impressive writing, Owl. I'm pleased it found such a good home.