Monday, July 19, 2010

Poem: The Gods Reflect On Creation

Here's my cosmogony in a nutshell. It was originally published in Temenos:


The Gods Reflect On Creation

we gibbered and gabbled
in the null onyx,
afraid that heat might seethe.
one of us quacked too loud
and light erupted, birthing awe
alongside violence and waste.

after eons of reptiles
prayer wafted up. it was far better
than mindless solar pageantry.
our new toadies prattled
more efficiently than we,
collapsing truth
into a few apt equations.

soon they had a stash
of nuclear kicks,
enough to freckle plains
with poisonous craters.
it wasn’t enough for them
to gnaw the crust. life itself
made them salivate, the urge
to splice it into freaks,
to distill tints and recombine piths—

like evolution but more wanton,
even slutty; an orgy to harvest ambrosia,
so they could be immortal like us,
sit on pinnacles and shout in release—

to be as great
as the thrill that started it all,
that seminal yoctosecond
among the timeless idiocy
of our babbling.


  1. this is one of my faves (of course, i have many favorites when it comes to your writing!) glad to see it posted here on your blog.

  2. Your comments mean a lot to me, and always have. I am so glad we overlap very much in our views.