Monday, July 5, 2010

My Poem Featured at Bolts of Silk

My poem “Taken” is currently featured at Bolts of Silk:


I encourage everyone to support this journal. The editor, Juliet M. Wilson, cares tremendously about the beauty of the Earth. She celebrates the wilderness, wherever it breaks out, passionately. She is very much a bard and druidess, who speaks in wonderful poetic ways, giving much of her time to us through her journal, her poetry, and her blogs.

Here is her homepage:

I recommend purchasing her new book of finely crafted poems, Unthinkable Skies.

I’ve been published 14 times by Bolts of Silk, and I’d love to submit a hundred more times, or a thousand.

Bolts of Silk is a watering hole for those who care deeply about protecting the Earth from the ravages of industrialization and rabid cookie-cutter development. Stop on by and dip your soul in the magical aura.



  1. fabulous acceptance and kudos to Bolts of Silk!

  2. thanks for saying such nice things about me and Bolts of Silk! I'm always delighted to publish your poetry!