Friday, July 9, 2010

Acceptance: Carcinogenic Poetry

"The Truth is to Lies Like Cancer"

That is the motto at Carcinogenic Poetry, where the poems aren't pulling punches. Their quality is excellent, the equivalent of brass knuckles to the walls of shallowness that hide the deeper side of the mind, which longs to break out and swoon. Editor Michael Aaron Casares is discerning (taking only a small percentage of poems submitted, according to Duotrope) and unrelenting in his headlong quest to find well-wrought statements that attack deceit.

I'm honored that my work appears right next to his poem "Bastard Practices," a serious piece of artistry that slams oil pigs.

Thanks to him for running an honest, mean-edged journal that confronts layers upon layers of social crud.

We can't all be as talented as Casares, but we could be as courageous, if we dared.


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