Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Homeless J, 8

This is a work of fiction. The views expressed are not necessarily condoned.

We still have freedom of speech in America (my apologies to Latinos and Canadians who aren’t included in this self-absorbed appellation). Even though the economy has buckled under the rampages of greed; even though oil gushes into our Gulf, ruining coasts from Florida to Louisiana; even though we’re weapon-heavy and sinking from the weight of two idiotic wars over oil (Iraq) and minerals (Afghanistan), we still have this precious concept at our disposal: free speech.

What the Masters have learned, though, is that when the masses are properly trained, free speech is nothing but a pacifier. Make people worry more about money than ideals and you can control them while your fake white armor shines.

Who in America (USA) cares about free speech more than getting a job? I bet at least 80% of the people would give up their right to free speech in return for a good steady paycheck, even if it involved cutting off the heads of sea turtles and serving them to BP executives on soup plates.

That’s how disgusting and selfish Americans have become. Nothing but materialistic. They embrace their sterile Christian God with the tenuous arms of hypocrisy.

Gimmee Gimmee Gimmee. That’s what they use their free speech to say. Their frail egos hang on employment, whether they can sign a contract with the corporate Mammon. The miracle of human life, given to very few sperm and ova, is something they not only squander but crave to squander.

Don't they know that busyness is the enemy of hard work? That the important job is to transcend pettiness and embrace the cosmos?

I’m glad I’m not one of them. And that I have time to sit and listen to chickadees. What a fine music God has given us in their effortless arias.

And yet God's lovely Earth disappears before my helpless eyes, gnawed down by the ravages of gimmee gimmeee gimmeee.

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