Saturday, March 13, 2010

Poem of Love: Rebirth

Note: If you are looking for my poem titled "Owl" go here:

Owl Poem

The last stanza of this love poem, written for my talented and beautiful wife, contains some of the most haunting words I have ever penned. It was originally published in Lily Literary Review. The editor of that journal, Susan Culver, now runs an amazing site called Poetry Friends (

Thank you for reading.


PS: You might also enjoy my love poem, "Without You" in the post for October 30, 2009. Here's the link:

Without You



an old quiet has spit me up
onto the shore of your musical heart.
my hands, which had been dirt,
rekindle around your waist.
my eyes, once glazed,
follow you like infant stars.

skunk-like priests
no longer guard my memory.
my hurt opens its decay,
releasing a boy
whose cuts seal like vindicated lips;
whose flesh retreats
from a city of tombs.

the only thing i fear now
is a life that never died.
i want nothing more
than to touch you softly
until time considers us embers
in the latitudes of Venus.


  1. I'm most glad you like it, and honored through the heart.