Monday, March 15, 2010

Acceptance: The Linnet's Wings

I was contacted a few days ago by Nonnie Augustine, one of the Review Editors for The Linnet's Wings, and informed that they had taken my poem, "Sea Party." This broke up the miasma that had settled on my day and encouraged me to keep on writing, despite the doldrums and pitfalls of both the creation and submission process.

The Linnet's Wings
has a very low acceptance rate (around 7% on Duotrope) and more importantly cleaves onto very high standards of eloquence. In other words, I am extremely honored and feel, for the moment, exceptionally validated by the poetry world.

THANK YOU, Linnet Editors! You even overlooked the fact that I am a cantankerous owl.


  1. kudos to you - for another fantastic acceptance!

  2. You more than anyone know how much work it is for me to craft just one decent poem. A tough road. Good thing I have wings...