Saturday, March 6, 2010

Medulla Review Releases Second Issue

As usual, time is fretting on my ankle, forcing me move quickly and irritability from one insanely bland task to the next. However, I am sneaking away from my chores to offer a brief suggestion: go check out the second issue of The Medulla Review.

You'll get classic great poets like Hugh Fox, and some emerging geniuses like Changming Yuan, and then there is a new fresh bold voice, Mellissa Browne, full of irreverence and talent, who curses graphically about bios in her bio, one of the most honest statements around!

You'll also find a couple of my poems in the mix, about which the editor, Jennifer Hollie Bowles, remarks, "This poet wields powerful verse with amazing control."

This issue is eclectic, unpredictable, daring and nonconformist. I love it!

A very happy moment for me in the long road of rejection and struggle. So I offer now a big

HOOOOOOOOOOOT of Happiness to the world.

But time is gnawing on my ankle again, and so off I go, patting my tormentor on the head as if it were a willful chihuahua.



  1. congrats AGAIN.

    i am beginning to sound like an old record!

  2. Not an old record at all, but rather a very much appreciated boost!