Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wonder Bread Classic White

On the news today, Michelle Obama’s genealogy. Isn’t it wonderful that for the first time ever the national media establishment--radio, television, newspaper--is taking a couple of days to celebrate a First Lady’s heritage. And, hey, isn’t it grand that she turns out to have a white ancestor. Maybe she’s more like us than we thought.

Let's present the story with a gleeful tone, to make sure the world understands how pleased we are to find some Wonder Bread in the mix.

A great sequel would be to go through the genealogies of previous First Ladies and celebrate the ethnic variations in their family trees. Maybe Laura Bush has a black ancestor? Or maybe Hilary Clinton has Cherokee in her blood? While we’re at it, let’s look for gays and lesbians to trot out into the American limelight.

But (shhh!) what we really want to focus on is straight-lace Whiteness. Don't tell anyone.

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