Sunday, October 4, 2009

Are You Lady Macbeth?

How do those that embrace justice deal with a climate that privileges deceit and corruption? In the words of Lady Macbeth:

But I remember now
I am in this earthly world,
Where to do harm
Is often laudable, to do good sometime
Accounted dangerous folly.
Act IV, Scene 2

Maybe after billions of decent folks—whether innocent children, na├»ve idealists, meek samaritans, virtuous teachers, or courageous advocates—are brutally silenced, justice will have a chance to reign.

And yet, you might ask, Is it possible for humans to give up hatred, fanaticism, and bigotry?

OWL replies: If males can be made to accept women as equals, the human mind is malleable enough for grace.

Will they?

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