Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Today Show Bootlicks Limbaugh

On the news today Rush Limbaugh, given free reign by the Today Show to spew his crude lowbrow attacks. He is expert at appealing to the carbuncled anger in bigots. He slyly fondles their repressed fury and bids it rise. His rhetoric shows uneducated white males how to express racism and sexism under the radar. How to make their voices brim with hate yet hide the Kristallnacht in their hearts.

Fear of gays, blacks, women, and even the very notion of equality, what would Limbaugh be if these did not palsy a large mass of the US population? He would be what he is now: A power-obsessed purveyor of despicable tendencies. An epitome of the hurdles we must overcome to achieve peace and reason. That he has so much clout, and whips up so much furor, gives all of us who worry about the specter of fascism something tangible to decry.

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