Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lunar Sacrilege and Sociopathic Science

The problem with NASA bombing the moon is what it reveals as much as what it commits. Yes, punching Diana and sending a plume of dust six miles high is callous and wanton. Yes, it is aggressive, violent and demeaning. Yes, it is absurd. Yes, it indicts patriarchal logic as a dumb arrogant beast with too much power too soon in the continuation of human development.

But also, importantly, it demonstrates that science, as currently practiced, is sociopathic.

By this I mean that science distances itself from conscience, claiming some highbrow impunity from guilt. Scientists just rushed ahead to create the atom bomb—in the name of Science.

If we blow our species to megaton hell, a lion’s share of blame goes back to that gleeful fraternity of stupid geniuses involved in the Manhattan Project. Stupid because they didn’t consider right and wrong—except for a belated Einstein, whose wise plea to the President was ignored.

And now scientists are as headlong as addicts to dissect and rework the genetic codes of life. And just like infantile addicts they are reckless and heedless. They are scrambling as fast they can to gain prestige, accolade and contract, delving into scary realms like hybrid cloning, deadlier nerve gases, incurable anthraxes, and the perfection of sentient death-dealing robots, including drones that fly hundreds of miles to slay.

A recent segment of 60 Minutes featured slaphappy MIT profs bragging about how they could use MRI’s to read people’s thoughts.

What is the ethic of the ladder-climbing scientists? They have none, except some sterile conception of Truth. They claim loyalty to facts severed from values, and hence exile themselves from the passions that give live meaning and quality. In other words, they are trying their best not to be human. To ignore the tens of thousands of years of common sense built into our minds.

Yes, they bomb the moon and chuckle inside, feeling so superior and special, while wearing clinical faces outside.

Without ethics, scientists are sociopaths. Unprincipled scientists have the maturity of horny pimpled kids schlepping into 9th Grade.

Our prefects in white lab coats need to wake up and realize that the truth of numbers cannot be separated from the truth of life. Their obsession with their false god Truth is going to destroy us, if they don’t grow up, and if we don’t grow up with them.

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