Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Poem: Shadowy Room

Originally published in Chicago Literati. To view it in situ, with two other poems, go here:

CL Selection

Best to all and to all a good read.


Shadowy Room

dark that pretends to be chairs,
and a father and mother
no longer dead,

and a sister much younger
though not anorexic,
and a brother
without his suicide.

faux hopes
that lack backbone,
aping memories:

imitations from the cerebellum’s
dime store.

they kiss odd stairs,
embrace splintery steps,
seek a corner in an attic
without height.

when the lamp clicks,
worry bounces off an inner white desert,
all shadows erased--

too fast to follow back to fake people,
or a home.



  1. thanks for sharing so much of your work

  2. Dark Shadowy Room is wonderful, with such original imagery; it is so evocativer of recognisable experiences. I have been browsing and this poem has stopped me in my tracks. A truly creative piece.