Sunday, December 15, 2013

Acceptance: Bolts of Silk

This might be my favorite journal, and I'm honored that my winter poem "Ponderance" is currently featured. It is one of my best efforts at a hyperborean sonata:

Direct Link To Ponderance

I've praised Editor Juliet Wilson various times and many ways. She's a great leader, writer, poet, and healer. Her blog is a phenomenal source of environmental beauty, art and harmony.

Few people have done so much to bring the literary community into rapport with our most magnificent Earth. I think I'll review one of her chapbooks soon!


PS: My wife and I are going to use part of this poem as the message on our yule greeting card:


if, now, a winter rabbit
ghosted from a pod of shorn birch,

with fur so wise it married
a humble snowdrift,

who would see?


(to see the rest, go to the above link!)


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  1. delighted to be able to publish your work again and that's my favourite part of the poem, a lovely piece for the yule greeting card!