Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Unique and Special Moment

It had to happen soon or later. I have been writing in praise of various small-press editors for years. But an editor has finally out-kinded my kindness. You can click on this link to see what I’m talking about. You'll also find what seems to be a fading virtue: literary altruism.

Praise Of My Praise

It is nice to find someone who shares my basic approach in the modesty vs. trumpet-yourself debate. Even more so to find someone abundantly living a philosophy of positive affirmation.

I guess all editors tap into this philosophy a little, just by being editors. My view: we all ought to focus more on the good in others. And we all ought see the idiomatic pitcher of water as half-full, especially when it comes to looking at other’s deep-felt expressions of their psyche.

The USA has become a place of ruthless egotism. How much more special, then, are those who dare break away from the hierarchical mentality of ladder-climbing, and take the journey of life, instead, with humility.


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