Sunday, August 26, 2012

Poem: Two Ghosts

This was recently published in Hobo Camp Review (Summer 2012). To see it in situ, along with another poem of mine, "Dead Cow," go here:

Best to everyone, and especially those, like me, who are wondering how they are going to pay for food.



Two Ghosts

look at us flow into each other
like wine drunk on itself,
full-bodied with faint delight
gone in a mutual sip.

look at us looking
through each other’s eyes,
sharing our mutual fingers,

as if the absence of saveable seconds
could be formed into a seed.

you made of my ribs, mine yours,
our pelvis a fulcrum.
hips wrapped, seesawing on a lost night,
defiant still against edicts of pain.

our togetherness a faint perch,
stuck somewhere
between toehold and substance.

in the bleed of a forgotten autumn,
we murmur-swirl side by side,
on an ersatz day.


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