Saturday, August 11, 2012

Acceptance: American Poetry Journal

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It is a huge thrill to announce that the American Poetry Journal has accepted two of my poems (“Whisked Leaves” and “Not So Vacant Lot”). The Senior Editor is one of my favorite poets on the national scene, J.P. Dancing Bear. On the Advisory Board is Bob Hicok, who is perhaps my favorite living poet. He is in the top five, anyway. He is the only contemporary whose words I can quote off the top of my head, and only the following phrase, which obviously has tremendous power for me:

“If we named things what they are, our sentences would be monsoons. Long rains of sound.”

If you are going to subscribe to just one literary journal, I recommend this one. You should probably try to get two subscriptions, APJ and also Poetry (published by the Poetry Foundation).

I could try to praise this journal up here, but I think I would only sound mauldin and feeble. APJ doesn’t need my praise--but it surely needs support, so do consider subscribing. The Poetry Foundation has a huge reserve of money, due to a 100 million dollar inheritance. APJ does not.

Carry on, folks. We live in a bizarre and swiftly changing time. We are witness to what could well be the twilight of civilization, even if it turns out not to be.


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