Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm Running a Workshop For You!

My workshop at the Poetry Coop starts on Sept 6 and runs for four weeks. Please consider joining! If you go to the following link, you will see me smiling (a rare sight indeed), and if you click on me, the workshop info comes up.

Note: be sure to click on me fast because after a few seconds, I get replaced by another of the Coop's teaching artists. There are currently five of us, going in a circle.

Yes, the workshop will cost you: $50. Sorry about that. I could really use some extra ten dollar bills to pay for spaghetti, and the Coop takes a cut, which helps to maintain the site.

If you're serious about exploring the wild areas of your mind through the lens of poetry or philosophy, or both, you won't be disappointed, not if I can help it, anyway.



  1. You forgot to say the other three are prettier ;)

  2. If pulchritude becomes our sine qua non, we're doomed to baubles on the catwalk of fate.