Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Poem: Endless Novel

This poem recently appeared as Poem of the Week at The Toucan, a wonderful literary venue that generates all kinds of fun controversy, all of it harmless and ultimately informative and even edifying. Lot's of great poems too!

You can view "Endless Novel" here, if you wish:

Owl At Toucan

Thank you for reading and thereby braving a glimpse at my inner world.



Endless Novel

obsession is a hydra
his fingers cannot slay
on the chopping block
of a keyboard--
too many necks of words
soft as maggots,
wide as cottonmouths,
multiplying with every strike,
the chapters like bellies
engorged on the chum
of his distress.

his need obvious,
the dark raw call,
toiling to get lost
in a creepy tickle like seaweed.
no life vest
and the threat of eels on the shin.
he summoned this ocean,
walked his plot into its monsters.
he liked the way the brine opened,
seduced him with its gape.

the heroine reached up,
to clench his devotion;
and he went down happily,
ensnared in her braids.
his focus twisted into an astrolabe,
uncertain of its own science,
second-guessing reality
as the climax died.


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