Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Poems Up At The Hell Gate Review!

Editor René Vasicek informed me today that my Hell Gate Review poems were up on the site. They are BEAUTIFULLY presented, including a very rad photograph that appear juxtaposed with one of my most intense pieces ever, “Nuclear Monster.”

Look at the photograph and you’ll see why I use the word “rad” to describe it. You’ll be blown away ...

Also accepted were “Street Addict” and “Number Cruncher.” Both are visceral pieces that shriek inside their careful sleeves of editing, which took months to accomplish.

Adding to the thrill, Editor Vasicek informed me that August 2010 marks the second anniversary of HGR. My poems are very proud to be featured in concordance with this date. This is one of my most important acceptances in over eight years of struggle as a word shaman.

I do not say this lightly.

Finally, I really like how the bio turned out. It goes as follows (but I encourage you to read it in situ, because in addition to publishing great literature, HGR frames its work with outstanding aesthetic touches, including careful choice of color, style and size of font, and of course photography):

[Owl Who Laughs] lives part-time in Los Angeles and the rest in a remote spruce forest, where moose can get menacing during the rut. He teaches environmental philosophy for the University of Maine. Before that, he worked on a suicide hotline for 13 years. As the hunter-gatherer lifestyle winds down after a million year run, his poems tend to focus on the new human wilds. Some recent acceptances are from: Vox Humana, Brink Magazine, Portland Review and Barnwood. He blogs as the mordant avatar Owl Who Laughs.

If you have some hard-hitting, urban-edged poems that ripped out part of your soul, I strongly recommend sending them to The Hell Gate Review. But don’t send them anything less. This journal deserves a piece of your soul that can never be replicated or replaced.

They’ll take care of it well.



  1. R.ozog

    that great!
    I've read your poems and I see why it took along time to write,very momentous pieces.

    jokely, it's took you that long to write lol.

  2. Radek,

    Thank you for your kind words. And Congratulations to you as well! We are both priveleged to be in HGR.

    Best of luck to you on your journey as a poet. It is not an easy path, and the more I go along, the longer it takes me to write anything worthwhile.