Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Acceptance: Wild Violet

One of my favorite sense-tingling journals just took my poem, “A Fall Moment.” Yay!

Wild Violet is run by Alyce Wilson, who recently celebrated the birth of her first child. Rather than close up shop, Wilson redesigned her web journal, adding its transformation to a wonderful new phase of her life.

She has accomplished something most of us would envy: the combination of the literary and the personal into an organic momentum.

Wilson has remarkable energy and an inveterate joie de vivre, which blooms forth in various blogs, twitters, and of course Wild Violet. She is a sensuous and celebratory person. For a video of her with her baby boy, go here:


To see my previous entry on Wild Violet, and read my poem “Apple,” one of my favorites of all time:


Finally, to delve more fully into the salubrious and satisfying world of Alyce Wilson, I recommend her homepage. You’ll notice links to other projects on the right side, and you’ll be struck by an aura of hearty intellect:


If you have poems that reach out like a fresh herb just picked from the garden, or an owl singing its crazed aria over a gleam of will-o’-wisps, send them to Wild Violet. Be sure, though, to check the guidelines. Every issue has a theme, albeit one that can be broadly interpreted.

I salute this longstanding editor and agile swimmer in the currents of life!


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