Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Poetry Workshop Starts June 6, Consider Joining!

(See the official announcement below!)

Life just took an exciting turn for me. The Editors of Arsenic Lobster, a well-known poetry journal with very high standards and a brutally low acceptance rate, approved my workshop request. This means I will be running a poetry workshop through their online community Rooster Moans!

Because I'm running my gig through Rooster Moans, I am virtually guaranteed some incredible participants, including, if I'm lucky, the editors of AR themselves.

And yes, I would like my blog readers to please please consider taking the workshop. I'd love to bring together a group of poets who don't know each other and create a synergy of cooperation and mutual exploration--as we craft poems that catch fire from some of the freakiest aspects of science.

Skill-level at poetry is absolutely secondary to enthusiasm and willingness to interact in a deep yet friendly way with some fantastic people.

We'll be plumbing the depths of chemistry, physics, biology, philosophy and poetry. AND NO TECHNICAL UNDERSTANDING OF SCIENCE IS REQUIRED.

So, again, consider signing up. To get involved go to the Rooster Moans website and Register:


See you in the workshop! You will be challenged and yes I will do my best to blow your mind.




The Rooster's next four-week workshop — Natalie Angier’s Wild Science Ride— starts June 6, 2010.

Led by poet [Owl Who Laughs}, an environmental ethics professor at the University of Maine, Machias, this workshop will look at the work of Pulitzer Prize winner Natalie Angier, who uses science as a springboard to ecstasy. We will use excerpts from her book The Canon: A Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science as a lens for poetic inspiration. Prepare to rocket and shrink, dissect and transcend, until notions of the ordinary and lovely/ugly are irrevocably bashed.

[OWL] holds a PhD in philosophy, specializing in environment, ethics and feminism, and has enjoyed hundreds of poetry publications including Chelsea, Portland Review, Atlanta Review, Barnwood Magazine and DMQ. He blogs as Owl Who Laughs.

(Note: The Canon is not required.)

Registration & Fee Structure

This workshop is limited to approximately ten (10) members. Click here to register.

The workshop fee is $20, one-third of which will be donated to The Rooster Moans/Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal.

Alternatively, you may choose to pay $15, $10, or even $5 dollars, thanks to the generosity of our workshop leader.

For full details, please visit The Rooster Moans.

Best regards,

Lissa Kiernan
Founder/Admin, The Rooster Moans
Poetry Editor, Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal

Susan Yount
Publisher, Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal

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