Sunday, May 16, 2010

Homeless Story of J, Part III

(Note: Although J is a character in a story, who doesn’t necessarily reflect my views, all references and articles are real and refer to the Wall Street Journal, May 13, 2010)

The irony is this: as I stand hungry and dirty on the fringe, I see where it’s all going; and yet the millions of ants scurrying around me, clean and well-fed, toil blind. Not only that, I am powerless to affect a single soul. They, in contrast, hum with collective power.

J’s First Law of Social Physics: There is an inverse relationship between awareness and power. This, of course, makes god the most powerless being of all. A mute invisible bystander helpless to stop humanity from destroying what took millions of years to unfold.

I have partaken too much of god’s sad sight. Today I found a discarded newspaper, damp with gutter scum and smelling of grinds. All the necessary clues are in it, All the answers to save ourselves, too. Why can’t anyone see? WHY???

O chalk-eyed, ice-tongued people, you have earned your reward.

Page One of the dirty smelly news: “In Amazon, Rain Forests Make Room for Mall Rats.”

Can it be true? Does this article really spit on the grave of a great activist, Chico Mendes, all the while offering up praise to suburbs, malls, and teeming purchases?


“The latest mall project broke ground in March in Rio Branco, a once-isolated outpost near the spot where rain forest activist Chico Mendes was killed in 1988.”

Don’t they see? Can they really be replacing the rain forest with big cubes full of vain trinkets, and do it with glee and corrupt pride?

“The proliferation of Amazon shopping malls marks an economic turning point for one of the world’s last frontiers. A modern consumer economy is taking root.”

Oh, we’ve done it. Wrecked and converted one of the last places where the Primal Green was relatively untouched. Our “modern economy,” in the future, will be judged as a viral blight. Don’t they see this? That gold is heavy and sinks?

“The Amazon’s development also alters the game for environmentalists. Amazon city dwellers now have more clout to demand that roads, power plants and other projects be built in the region.”

Ignorance. Destroying what existed in great diversity. And for what??? What??

Philistine neurosis.

If there is a Satan, he rides a tsunami of materialism, and his acolytes have dollar-signs for eyes.

Do you think I’m done? No. Here is the next article: “Public Still Backs Offshore Drilling.”

Can you believe it, spirits? Can you believe what I am reading?

“Public support for expanding the offshore hunt for energy is sturdy, a ... poll suggests, even as a damaged well continues to gush crude into the Gulf of Mexico.”

GREED!!! It all comes to down to money. What repulses me the most is that the worker-drones claim to believe in heaven, and to believe the words of Jesus, but their actions are tethered to cash, not spirituality. Not virtue. Not kindness. Not goodness.

The Sermon on the Mount means NOTHING to them. "Blessed are the meek." To them it is a fig leaf over their lies.

They don’t care about wrecking an entire coastline, if there is money to be made.

Their pharisees exclaim: Why protect god’s beautiful world when we need gas to drive our fat cars and live our fat decadent lives?

GREED. You worker-ants, scurrying around me to meet your deadlines, you are all hypocrites. A black wound on the face of Gaia bleeds right in front of you, and yet you turn away. Turn from the signs, from the prophecy.

You are vile pigs that sniff for treasure while grubbing in immoral muck.

Am I done? Ha! Next article: “Rig Ignored Red Flags.” Oil barons, in their headlong rush for profit and “development" (a code word for mutilation) perpetrated a great sin. It has cost the naiads their lovely kingdom.

“Managers at oil giant BP PLC decided to forge ahead in finishing work on the doomed Deepwater Horizon rig despite some tests suggesting that highly combustible gas had seeped into the well.”

All the ant-people scurrying around me, serving money, trapped in their grey prison of insect-worthy thoughts, they heard the oil barons get called down. They know it from watching their media cubes. They know that BP, Halliburton and TransOcean are bickering and blaming each other for poisoning the Gulf of Mexico. These corporates are exhibiting a “ridiculous spectacle,” said even the President of their Empire.

BP is full of greedy crooks. WHY don’t the ant-people break out of their masks of chitin and admit it? Why don’t they challenge the avarice of their overlords?

The ant-workers suffer horribly for their cowardice. They have venom in their karma and it has killed off their spirit guides. They can’t listen to deep voices. The world around them gets uglier, more and more a Potemkin Village of sin. An obese place starved of miracles.

Am I done? Ha!!!!

Next article, same newspaper: “A Factory That Fits On a Pin: Tiny robots Made of DNA Can Walk, Pivot, Work With Microscopic Forklifts.”

How dangerous is this technology in the hands of an impoverished culture, one that strives to undermine the esteem of its citizens so that they will buy stuff that will never satisfy them?

How dangerous is this technology in the hands of a War Machine that is always looking for deadlier weapons?

“For the first time, microscopic robots made from DNA molecules can walk, follow instructions and work together to assemble simple products on an atomic-scale assembly line, mimicking the machinery of living cells.”

I used to take some comfort in the privacy left to our bodies. At least, I thought, the industrial masters couldn't invade the interstices of my flesh.

Now they can. Now they will, with their microscopic “assembly line.”

The new pin-head factories offer great power: the power to destroy anything, from the smallest to the greatest life. From microbe to ecosystem.

Don’t like spiders? The nano-machines can infect and destroy the spleens of spiders, spreading like a plague throughout the arachnid world.

Don’t like coyotes? The little assassins can be engineered to wipe out every single coyote.

Don’t like the Chinese? Let’s design an assassin for their DNA, just in case.

Does anyone hear the lyrics of Green Day:

City of the dead,
at the end of another lost highway,
signs misleading to nowhere.

City of the damned,
lost children with dirty faces today--
no one really seems to care.

I want to tear my eyes out and see no more. I feel like a prophet in a city of walking dead. I’m homeless and unheard. I’m afraid.

Do you see now why I am so upset, spirit guides? I sit on the curb and watch as Mammon wins. Wins so completely and efficiently that the ant-people don’t even know what they have lost.

They are so blind.

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