Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Acceptance: Clutching At Straws


I finally found a journal bold and wacky enough to take one of my strangest poems, “Philosophy On LSD.”

The editor calls himself “misener” but he does have a full name, and the poems on his site, Clutching At Straws, have that rare sarcastic bite that isn’t silly or juvenile. Well, okay, some of the poems are silly and juvenile; but they have other characteristics that make you forget, things like serious wit, rakehell charm, and delinquent brilliance.

I mean it. Editor misener has something very cool and alternative going down. The title of his own publications gives you some clues: God Sheds His Gravy On Thee and Dry Humping A Fire Hydrant.

The guy is some kind of sardonic joker genius. His skill at literary comedy is something you are either born into or envy.

Check out the site and you’ll see. My only criticism is that there aren’t enough women on the contributor list. Curious. Are there more male comedian poets than female?

In any case,check out the zine and say hi to misener!

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