Friday, April 23, 2010

Thick With Conviction Releases Its Latest Issue

Thick With Conviction has just released its latest issue, and it is surely worth a look:

The quality of this journal is a well-hidden secret. TWC (as it is often abbreviated) has placed a poem (by Paul Hostovsky) in the Best of the Net anthology, and won the Hiss Award in 2008. It also harbors some magical golden fruit: interviews with many of today’s most talented poets, stashed away in a special archive.

An interview with the mastermind behind Owl Who Laughs, including a very forgettable photo, can be found here:

The reason for this secrecy is TWC’s net address. The url is embedded in the complexities and annoyances of This means that google searches don’t typically turn up the site, and when you do find it, cutesy pop-ups interfere with your reading pleasure.

I importune the editors: CHANGE YOUR WEB ADDRESS.

Take a lesson from Joanna Valente, whose new journal Yes, Poetry! switched its url. It was Now it is simply:

TWC’s new addy would then be: -- and this great journal would get more of the attention it deserves.

Making TWC’s excellence all the more impressive is its history of being run by young yet very smart people. It was founded by Karina Bowman and Sara Blanton-Allison, who did not have huge resumes and tons of publications, only lots of pluck and gumption. Later, Kristina Marie Blanton joined as co-editor, and the Blanton sisters and Bowman ran the journal for years, turning it into a topnotch establishment.

When the Blantons moved on to other things, they turned TWC over to the capable hands of Kayla Middlebrook and Arielle Lancaster LaBrea, who are currently at the helm. Keep going you’re doing fantastic! ... Except,



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