Thursday, April 1, 2010

Acceptance: Brink Magazine

This exceptional magazine just took three of my poems: "November Leaves," "Othello's Ghost," and "Writer's Block." Their acceptance rate is extremely low and the team of editors includes Charles Gershman, a professional writer at the Yale School of Medicine, and nonfiction writer Jenny Blair, who has appeared on Good Morning America, spoken at Stanford about writing, and penned a column for the Hartford Courant (she's also an emergency room physician).

They are dedicated to advancing the literary (and also visual) arts, as evidenced by their creation of Brink Media in addition to the Magazine:

There is a great deal of good poetry out there, and so editors at stellar venues have to be very selective. Brink falls into this category, the category of superlatives; that is, those journals whose quality can hold not only a candle but a torch next to the New Yorker and the Poetry Foundation.

Check out their contributors and see if you don't agree!

I'm honored and humbled at this moment and need to try and calm down, or I won't be able to write for a couple of days. Adrenal ecstasy summons my werewolf.


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