Friday, April 30, 2010

Poem: Rain In The Streets

This poem appeared very recently in Poetry Friends ( Editor Susan Culver has an uncanny knack for choosing my very best poems and rejecting bad submissions.

Honestly, this poem is, right now, one of my top ten picks from all the poems (thousands) I have written.

This is how I FEEL about life, one of my many sides, anyway.



Rain In the Streets

stripped-down gargoyles.
a thirsty cubism
of the grotesque.

carnage polishing
the apathy of tar.
buffing a phalanx
of windshield frowns.

the sizzle dense
as circles writhe away,
boulevards of tangles
ingested by iron.

people shrivel to fret
in a brick-laden algebra,
afraid of the shapeless
freedom from the sky,

reminded of their squelched pulse
and the storms in heartbeats.
histories of desire
as prolific and censored as rain.


gush into buried pipes,
babbling to feed nothing at all:
dead ends, paper trails,
the roots of money--


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