Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Release: Decades Review Issue 14 (Winter)

An excerpt of my poem "Interceptor" is featured on the front page of the Decades Review website, as part of their enticement to read the latest issue:

You can read the issue online in .pdf format, or purchase a copy to help support the editors.  Also appearing on the front page is an excerpt of "Island Boy" by Nic Sebastian.  Ms. Sebastian will always hold a special place in my heart.  As the former Editor of Whale Sound, she selected and recorded one of my poems.  It is still available in her sonorous voice online:

If you have a minute and a half, I invite you to listen to her read my work.  The title is "The Gods Reflect On Creation."  It has become the only poem of mine that I can recite from memory (!)  because I've listened to the recording over and over.  Immortal gratitude!

(This poem sums up the dark half of my ethos very well, too.  Soul in a nutshell!)

The Poetry Editor of Decades Review is Paige Edenfield--I congratulate her on a fantastic Winter issue!

Best To All,



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