Saturday, January 10, 2015

Acceptance: Hermeneutical Chaos Litereary Journal

I'm very honored to have a poem ("Cold Start") appearing in the March issue of this exceptional journal.  In support of my praise, I simply ask that you visit the website.  On arrival, you will feel the magnetism:  the wonderful design, visually captivating, and the impressive presentation, including some philosophical and quite aesthetic statements by (I presume) the Editor-in-Chief Shinjini Bhattacharjee.  I particularly like that there is an "Ethos" section.  It starts out this way:

Art is the ultimate paradox of humanity. It constantly seeks to find kinship with the ephemeral quicksand while simultaneously pausing to contemplate over the mismatched precipitation of each granule.

Dimensions of the sensuous and the passionate-cerebral are seamlessly ensconced not only in the ambience of the journal, but also the poems themselves.  In the January 2015 issue, there is a piece called "texture of a mushroom" by Aimee Herman that immerses the reader in the tactile and olfactory, and also connects to a holism of psychologies.  "The Sea God Dreams of Land" by GennaRose Nethercott bathes us in the mysteries of gardens, growth, archetypes and more.  There are darker poems, too, these also wonderful, surprisingly, at pleasing the senses through the magic of literary phrase (one such poem is "End-Stops" by Sabrina Chen).

Whether painful or ecstatic, the poems celebrate.  I am reminded quite a bit of the freedom in Neruda's writing, to soar where taken on the wings of words most redolent, most delicious, most enchanting.  Ultimately, Hermeneutical Chaos, shows us the purpose of poetry:  to encounter life in fresh ways, in awe at the miracles while travelling, through courageous symbolisms, wherever the muse carries the writer's pen.  It is a journey girded in the celebration of the art of writing, seeking through the entire spectrum of emotions.

Many thanks to Shinjini Bhattacharjee, and the rest of her editorial team, for this gift.


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