Thursday, September 4, 2014

Poem: Walking Into A Dark Forest

A previous version of this poem was published long ago in Istanbul Literary Review.




Walking Into a Dark Forest

wanton as a moth,
silence opens its face into mine.

i’ve been here before, staring,
more exposed than i could be
to a mirror or lover or phrase.

people, after all, are just facets
strayed from the dark side of the moon.

we dwell in separate craters,
only fingertips and irises
for candlelight.

this silence understands,
listening with all its ears
and none. 

its speaks with the emptiness
within every voice.

somehow it has found me,
dissolving my tasks,
cradling what i want to be known.

no one can touch me like this,
nor can i find myself again
when i leave.


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