Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Poem: Tragicommon

No one is going to publish this, so I'll just publish it here.  I'm sick of playing Cassandra, but I'm also sick of humanity for being the kind of Beast that generates Cassandras.

Live Well & Appreciate What You Have,




as the people split
and split again,
urgent as the grasp
of a sinking fate,
it came to be known
that some were not like the others;
some now, instead of skulls,
had circuits for heads,
and others fought like starved pigs
over kernels of dried corn.
how different the world had been
when there were real lions,
not just mock presidents
and corporate kings;
a time when the oceans
exploded with fish, not bombs,
when forests weren’t factories,
and herds of buffalo roamed entire States.
it was almost impossible
to dream a world so beautiful--
abundant and various,
verdant and majestic.
not even the dearth of roaches,
trickling in wastelands,
could avoid the Great Human