Monday, March 17, 2014

Poem: Howl

This is a slightly altered version of a poem that originally appeared in Negative Suck.

Carry Forth (or should I say forthright?),




a shock of straw
pokes a parchment maze.

out of cold boney muscles
a random scarecrow climbs,
its feet the aftermath of coyote
on rabbit.

free us say the curves
of a tarnished aluminum bay.
dreadnoughts of cumulus
hold the world against their fat.

under greenblack
bleachers of spruce,
conic skulls vie
with shit-out pips of raspberry.

sluggish deer
rue a bevy of ticks,
which nudge like little bishops
on a board of juicy squares.

tibias of birch, once the legs of a wolf,
which tribes, now dead, skinned
to clad the stomachs of sleek canoes,
long rotted,



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