Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Poem: Shutdown

I’ve never posted a poem I’ve written just minutes before on this blog--until now. But, my friends, these are momentous times. An extremist right-wing faction believes that Obamacare is destroying America, and they are willing to destroy America to stop it. They are deluded, of course. But the fact is, delusions can and do grip millions of people in the blindness of hysteria. We tend to forget this ugly historical fact. And our mainsteam media, of course, never refers to the Tea Party as a group so out of touch with reality that they are delusional.

But they are.

And they have enough power, unless the rest of the Republicans stand up to them, to carry out the threat impelled by their delusion. They will bring America down, if they can. The key date is only a couple of weeks away, when America will, if they can make it happen, default on its debts.

Be aware, my friends. This is a very serious, very sad, very exigent time. Do not be complacent. Act. But do not give in to hate.




the heavy ugliness
of what was happening lacked sense.
but the facade of law
had been convincing.
and the lies so well written,
they dreamed.

and it wasn’t possible
to stop it now. emotions, it appeared,
just like meteors,
kept momentum.
and crowds subsumed
the fragile rational voice.

angels would go down
alongside the worst,
and children who never
had a chance, and monuments
to beautiful ideals
strangled long ago.

blamed someone else,
and though some of them were right,
in the fury and the woe
and the hateful ignorance
it didn’t matter.


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  1. I think the tea party group, like so many factions and groups before them, may unwittingly be merely servants of a greater unseen force. Many of these scenarios appear to be manipulations. It is merely my feeling as an outsider looking on that tells me that in this case it might again be so and I think it's an idea worth considering. Why? It is the case that with every crisis the rich get richer. That's because they can buy precious metal e.g. gold cheap before the crisis and sell for a large profit just before the crisis is over. So the more times there's a crisis the more money the rich stand to make.