Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Acceptance: The Germ


The Germ is a new magazine, sprouting some time this month to bring you revivifying poetry, haiku, fiction and more. Editor Sara Bickley describes it this way in the guidelines:

We are seeking work that is fresh, sincere, and authentic, with moods and details that are drawn from the author's own experience even if the work is set in a distant time or place.

On the home page, she writes: “The germ of an idea . . . the central living part, good to eat and better to plant.”

I’m quite honored that my poem “Bay Glide” was accepted for the inaugural issue. For years, I’ve been fascinated with sizeable bodies of water and the strum-like effects of ripples. The iconic image of a single bird gliding a smooth expanse, leaving a lovely yet ephemeral train--akin to visual music, an exemplar of the basic fidelity of the universe--is mesmerizing. In “Bay Glide” I think I finally represented my awe, a little of it anyway, with grace.

Thank you, Editor Bickley, and best of luck to The Germ in ’13!



  1. Re 'The Germ' I note with pleasure the fact that they feature links to several other young poetry magazines.

  2. Congratulations! I'll need to check this publication out!

    Happy New year!