Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Acceptance: Crack the Spine


Astounding and ultra-impressive, Crack the Spine is rolling out quality issues every week! This deserves a big


The editor in charge of this rapid-run literary outlier is Kerri Farrell Foley. “Editor” isn’t even the right label. Foley has earned the title of demigoddess.

Another impressive aspect of CTS is the number of comments generated. Most lit mags and blogs--including this one--wax anemic in terms of input from readers. Foley has come up with an efficacious gimmick: contributors’ chance of getting into the quarterly print anthologies hinges, somewhat, on the number of positive remarks their work gleans. In some cases, this has resulted in over twenty comments being left on a particular issue, presumably because contributors importune their friends, colleagues, acquaintances and connections.

Wow, again!!!

I have two poems in Issue 51: “Thoughts of a Fly” and “Daily Bread.” They bleed elegantly, hoping to circumvent your sentimentality filters. I dare you to dance with them.

Dance on in the sustaining dark.


PS: To leave a comment, if you wish, you can go here:

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  1. Congratulations! And an interesting way of encouraging comments on the poems!