Friday, July 27, 2012

Release: River Poets Journal, Spring/Summer 2012

Editor Judith A. Lawrence has done a spectacular job. The Spring/Summer issue is aesthetic and arresting, a marvelous garden of literature and impressionism. I don’t know why a certain few people choose to become editors of small press journals, receiving no pay and doomed to far less praise than they deserve; but thank the fates that Ms. Lawrence decided to take on the noble task six years ago. The world of beautiful words has benefited ever since.

Be sure to check out the issue online, or even better, buy a copy. It will be one of the most beautiful books you own, worthy of both living room display and mental immersion.

I’m very pleased that my poem “Words Of a Stone In a Dream” is included, next to a cool image of a stone golem, no less. I like that!

A dozen cheers for Editor Lawrence, all of them as passionate as the spirit embodied by a fresh red rose.


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