Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Centrifugal Eye's Five Year Anthology!

The Centrifugal Eye is a most rare, magical place, where poetry, art and paramount leadership swirl together, pulling emotion and intellect into hypnotic flows of phrase, figure, philosophy and sheer sustenance for the soul. The five-year anthology is sure to be mindworthy, and I’m lucky that my poem (“A Midsummer Night’s Glee”) was chosen for inclusion.

I’ve raved about TCE before, and I invite readers to search my blog for various entries.

I’ll add here that I loved working with the editorial team, led by Eve Anthony Hanninen. Getting any acceptance is wonderful, but usually that means never hearing from the editor again, except for a terse note that the issue has been published and “please check it to help us proofread.” Not so with TCE; in fact, Hanninen and her team are the best by far at making the contributor feel special.

Accepted poems get full treatment, including proofs and quality recommendations from the staff. The goal isn’t to pamper the author, of course, but rather to perfect the work and find just the right fit, nestled with art, other poems, essays, and other psycho-cerebral delicacies.

However, when custom graphics are selected for a contributor’s poem, and the contributor realizes, almost in shock, that the poem has been seriously pondered--and I mean painstakingly, not only studied for structure but passionately felt, by more than one editor--the result is a major morale booster that can last for years.

Indeed, I’ve been trying to get back into TCE for a long time now, because I love not only the quality of the finished issue but the process of interaction between writer and editor. Sadly my submissions have been rejected, but I can see, in retrospect, that the staff was wise to reject them, and that only reinforces my admiration for their acumen and dedication to the apex of the craft.

I’ll keep trying, be sure!

And so, once again, I recommend this journal wholeheartedly. Another thing: Hanninen is always looking for volunteers to help with the editorial process (both art and lit) and this is a one-in-a-million opportunity to gain management expertise in a professional environment. Another TCE editor I feel important to mention is Karla Linn Merrifield, a prolific and sensuous poet of the wilds, who sometimes writes a column for the journal. To work with her and other members of the staff is an edifying gift to any volunteer.

Hearty congratulations to TCE and Eve Hanninen on the upcoming release of the five year anthology. Viva La Eye!


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