Sunday, March 25, 2012

Owl Hits Up God With A Request

Dear God,

If you exist (which I don’t think you do, at least in the heaven/hell way), please know that 45,000 people die a year in my country, the United States, because they can’t afford health care. At the same time, I constantly hear people say things like, “I don’t want to give a single dollar to pay for someone else’s health care. Being able to afford a doctor is not a right.”

In other words, God, my country is full of extremely selfish citizens who prefer the death of their fellow citizens over giving up a single dollar. A dollar, in case you didn’t know, is enough money to buy about a third of a loaf of bread.

I just want to say that it is disgusting for me to watch this spectacle of stupidity. It has been going on for decades now. Please wave a magic wand and turn the millions of idiots into compassionate people with some empathy.

Or maybe they are the punishment you are inflicting on the United States for being a consumeristic militaristic Empire, one that participated in the greatest genocide in human history, the annihilation of the aboriginal American cultures? Or maybe it is all the evil dictators we installed in puppet countries, the ones who proceeded to torture and terrify their own people?

Thank you for your busy time. Well, I hope your time is busy, anyway. We need your help, and I am truly afraid we are not going to help ourselves, except by killing each other off with guns , bombs and biologically engineered disease.

Your Pal,


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