Thursday, January 26, 2012

Release: Gloom Cupboard, Poetry #141

Gloom Cupboard, venerable yet always new, eloquent in its goal to hold injustice up by the neck, has released its “Poetry #141,” which includes “Plague,” one of the best Neruda-style poems I have ever written.

You can read this poem, which took over six months to craft, by clicking the following link and, afterward, scrolling down:


The editors often say courageous things of the sort that will get you banned from the mainstream media. They are like Noam Chomsky. The New York Times called Noam Chomsky one of the greatest thinkers of our time, and yet he is almost never allowed to speak up where he might be widely heard.

In addition to painful truths, Gloom Cupboard presents dreamy hypnotic poetry of all kinds, from the arcadian to the stygian. The phrases flow like absinthe into your widening pupils.

Please consider spending some time with this fugitive website. Imagine a world where most people are in a dull jail that monitors their senses and minds carefully; and yet one inmate escapes, pulls off the hobbles and the gag.

What would you give to listen to that inmate?

Best to all,


PS: See my review of Gloom Cupboard here:

Hoot Marks The Spot

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