Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Release: Blast Furnace, Volume 1, Issue 4: Autumn 2011

Read Blast Furnace Autumn 2011 Now!!

Rebecca Clever, the Editor/Publisher, has just released the latest compilation of poems from Blast Furnace Press. I've written about this venue at length before, and this fresh offering only reinforces my admiration.

Blast Furnace hails from the Pittsburgh area, and Pittsburghers ought to be quite pleased with the siren call of sonorous sounds emanating from this journal. It is nothing like the shriek of an ironmongery whistle, but local culture and local poets get wonderful representation. Editor Clever has expertly blended a wide range of voices. She offers a spider web of fascination to us readers, with literary phrases as hypnotic strands, and in the very center, the brilliance of Pittsburgh writers themselves.

Let the wings of your reverie get caught in this web. You will find yourself uplifted and ultimately left to soar on your own, your day more enlightened, impassioned, and intellectually stimulated.

You'll find my poem "Leaf Struck" within the offerings, and there is a nifty surprise attached, something I've never seen in all my 300-or-so publications.

What is this surprise?

Well, I'll give you a little: It is an EDITOR'S NOTE in a shocking and eye-grabbing blood-crimson font. As far as I know, my poem is the only one in all the issues of Blast Furnace to ever receive a special editor's note. It's an ominous and intimidating one, too, at least prima facie.

What does the note say? Well ... You'll have to visit Blast Furnace's latest issue to find out. And I hope you do! While you're there, why not send Rebecca Clever an email, thanking her for her hard work and also indicating which poems you like best? Editors almost never receive fan mail like this--and this editor certainly deserves kudos.


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