Thursday, May 12, 2011

US Decadence Destroys Mexico, Starts a War

It is pretty clear that Mexico is in a state of civil war. The mainstream media has not acknowledged it, but the evidence is there.

Huge swaths of the northern sector of Mexico are controlled by drug lords. De facto militaries have set up road blocks, taken over towns and now terrorize cars and buses that drive the national Highway 101:

Highway of Death

When a country has lost control of a huge chunk of its land to violent resistors, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that internecine conflict has gone beyond criminal wrongdoing into the realm of outright battle.

Again, the mainstream media is silent on the topic, but it seems like the system could be corrupt enough, and the drug lords mighty enough, to defeat the official government of Mexico. One way this could happen is if President Calderon is assassinated, flinging the nation into chaos and catalyzing a coup d’├ętat by the military.

The military is currently described as vicious and wanton, and may be split into various factions under the leadership of particular generals. Some of these generals are probably willing to make a power grab if the possibility arises, perhaps with the backing of the drug lords.

If the official government goes down, the United States might have to go to war with Mexico. The reason is that Mexico will be controlled by pro-drug criminals and their allies in the military. The war on drugs will effectively cease south of the border, and tensions will escalate rapidly across the latitude splitting the continent.

There are millions of people in the US buying illegal drugs, and that voracious hunger has crippled and debauched the entire nation of Mexico. Wealth in America, coupled with hedonism, has lead to the destruction of the integrity in its neighbor, and also the moral character of the Empire itself.

Like the Roman Empire, the US is crumbling, but at a much faster rate, aided perhaps by (a) the power of advertising and consumerism to make the citizens neurotically needy and (b) the power of imperial capitalism to concentrate wealth in the hands of a few hundred billionaires while spreading stress and misery to the rest of the population. Another negative influence is militarism. Soldiers that return from war, if not crippled in body, are often crippled in soul, and they turn to drugs for relief.

Perhaps the most powerful catalyst in the quick destruction of the US reign is technology. Information, logistics, combat, commercial transaction, production -- all happen much faster than in the era of Rome or even that of the British Empire.

Americans’ addiction to illegal and potent drugs fuels the sadistic evil of the drug gangs. These gangs, for instance, treat women in the worst possible ways -- worthy of hell. The mass murders of women along the border has been well-documented and linked to perverse gang rituals.

The gangs also murder each other and innocent civilians in barbaric ways hailing back to crucifixion, impalement and dismemberment.

In conclusion, the United States is being eaten out by the greed that its wealth generates, resulting in immoral and doom-summoning failure. The disease of our national soul spreads far and wide to infect other countries as well.

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