Monday, April 25, 2011

Reflections on the Empire's Idiocy

The sick US Empire is now attacking its own teachers, firing them because the economy was destroyed by the greed of bankers on Wall Street. Why teachers are being attacked because avaricious bankers decided to cheat the country is beyond logic. It is, instead, a lesson in the ignorance of the masses and the sly hate-mongering of monsters on podiums.

The Empire has recently entered its third ridiculous war, with hardly a shrug from the people, who are so inured to long-term violence that dropping missiles on innocent children never troubles their daily routine of denial.

Every previous Empire, from Roman to Britain, was destroyed by the accumulation of wealth through unscrupulous methods worthy of a demon and infected by greed. What makes the US stand out is the rapid pace of its decline, which took about fifty years. It seems that advanced technology, and the greater short-term power it brings, magnifies corruption and the rate of moral decay. Narcissistic plutocrats, whose conscience is threadbare if it exists at all, swill as much lucre as they can as fast as they can get it. When they overdose, it brings all of us, hostage to their callous machinations, down with them.

Being on this planet is truly tiring when you have a decent level of ethical perception. You see wars waged so rich men can get richer. You see stupid hordes of citizens not only deny this fact but also attack teachers--some of the most noble and giving people.

It takes education to make most people even passably good and moderately aware of how leaders connive and manipulate. This is probably why education--especially the Humanities, a bastion of insight into the soul--is withering in my woeful country.

We slaughtered the Native Americans. We install dictators and undercut the freedom of our neighbors. We've turned ourselves into shallow, materialistic jingos -- all for boundlessly selfish needs.

I worship a Goddess, and I don't believe she did this. I believe other Gods are responsible for creating the malignant seeds of human evil. I shudder at these Gods and I struggle not to hate the dozens of millions of humans who serve them, unknowingly, with broken and mangled hearts.


  1. Finally, someone with the courage to tell it like it is! Yes, our government has made a real mess of things. But, there is one thing we-the-people need to remember. We sat by and let them get away with it. We-the-people need to accept some of the blame for this mess we find ourselves in. The only question now is if it's too late.

  2. Thanks. As you can see, my courage isn't getting me much attention. But at least I feel good speaking out. A few minutes of honesty is worth a year of conformist mind-lock, as far as I'm concerned.